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Hanif Agro-industry Cooperative Company has built Hanif Refrigeration and Packaging Complex in 1398, in the south of Tehran, near the distribution and transportation centers of fruits and vegetables, so that the distance from this complex to the central fruit and vegetable market of Tehran About 15 minutes and Imam Khomeini International Airport is about 25 minutes to Tehran Grand Bazaar and the center of supply of nuts and dates is about 30 minutes.

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This complex has the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities and packaging machines …


Hanif cold storages consist of 11 cold rooms above zero and …

Providing fruits of offices, organizations and chain stores

Hanif Agro-industry Company with its history and experience in providing …

Supply of seeds and agricultural inputs

Types of vegetable seeds, summer crops, mineral fertilizers, etc.


hanif coldstorage


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Romano lettuce


hanif coldstorage is ready to Sort , pack and export romano lettuce to other countries
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keeping different fruits


20 important reasons not to neglect the properties of fruit:
Contains nutrients and minerals
Low in sugar
Heart health and prevention of…

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hanif business


hanif coldstorage keeps products Below zero and above zero degrees

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